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With its busy roads and freeways, Los Angeles road accidents have become very common. However, if you want to avoid the massive crowds and experience an authentic Los Angeles beach trip try Manhattan Beach, Long Beach or Malibu. Some of the world-class museums include Los Angeles County Museum of Art with famous Urban Light assemblage sculpture composed of 202 street lamps, J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Villa, and many more.

From the Sylmar district in the north to the Port of Los Angeles in the south, the drive can be close to an hour and a half long; possibly longer once traffic is factored in. The L.A. metropolitan area includes smaller cities, such as Santa Monica , Burbank , Pasadena , Long Beach , Anaheim , and Riverside some of which were founded around the end of the nineteenth century and retain distinct identities.

Let's take a look at some of the secrets to a successful first time trip to the city of angels, making sure you get to see the real L.A. flights while also getting the most bang for your buck. An easily overlooked free attraction that LA provides visitors with is its warm sand beaches and delightful waterfront attractions.

This part of Los Angeles is known for gang violence, famously between the rival gangs known as the Bloods and the Crips. One of the most popular routes is up Mount Hollywood, which boasts panoramic views of the Los Angeles basin, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign along the way.

A helicopter tour over Los Angeles will allow you to see most of LA in a very short period of time. Fortunately, car rentals are relatively cheap in Los Angeles and all major car rental companies have offices at the airports and at popular hotels. Most people visiting Los Angeles for the first time are interested in seeing the major attractions (think studio tours, theme parks, etc.) But these attractions can add up, especially for families.

It only takes up to a dozen people at a time, and there are lots of stops along the way, including sound stages, prop rooms and costume departments. Los Angeles has a wonderfully warm, sun-drenched climate, but the mid-summer temperatures can be too much for some visitors.

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